Open plan office with multiple access points? Access Flooring is the only way to go.

Access flooring is removable flooring that allows space for cables and networking.


It gives buildings with high power requirements – data centres, IT companies, commercial and industrial spaces – an easy way to access cables, electrical points and networks.


Commercial buildings with access floors save a lot of time, money and hassle. Your floor plan will be adaptable, and you’ll have better flexibility for future renovations.


AKT have a dedicated team of specialists who install, maintain and service access floors on a full-time basis. Over the last six years, we’ve installed 250,000 square metres of access flooring in new and existing commercial office buildings nationally. When it comes to access flooring, we know what we’re doing.

Why choose AKT?

We’re a distributor of TATE access floors (leaders in access flooring)

We work with building professionals when specifying your requirements

We design, install, alter and service access floors on an ongoing basis.

We’re nationally recognised

We have a dedicated team.

Need help with your access flooring job? We do it all.