AKT take a professional approach to managing your project

AKT has a professional approach to commercial strip outs. We take it apart just like it was put together.   We have developed processes and safe work practices based around efficiency, cleanliness and respect to people, our work area and the environment.


We have experience working in commercial and retail buildings, including:

Office Buildings  |  Shops  |  Schools/Universities  |  Hospitals  |  Hotels  |  End of Lease Strip Outs  |  Breakout Areas  |  End of Trip Facilities  |  Toilet Blocks/Amenities  |  Lift Lobbies  |  Wall Cutting and Masonry Removal  |  Renovations


We respect everyone and everything we encounter in the workplace. We don’t leave mess for others to clean up. We care for the environment.

Cleanliness is critical to our success

We have a one-touch policy. We remove and dispose of the “waste” in one go so it doesn’t pile up around site.  We clean as we go, making sure no property is damaged in the process. You can be confident that your site will be ready for the next stage of your project.


Cleanliness One of AKT’s values is respect. We respect our work space by cleaning as we go. We remove waste daily.

Safety is key

Our health and safety is regularly reviewed ensuring our equipment, practices and way we approach every project is the safest possible. Our controlled methodology enables us to minimise potential safety hazards.


AKT views the safety of our employees and the public as top priority. We regularly review our safety procedures, and ensure our team receives the appropriate training.

Waste Management

AKT Constructions is dedicated to responsibly handling and disposing of all materials from site. We work with our waste disposal facilities to ensure that waste we dispose of at their facilities is ultimately disposed of or recycled in a way that is sustainable to the environment we live in now and to protect our future.


AKT aims to recycle more than 75% of the “waste” we make. We provide monthly waste reports to our clients to show what waste is removed, and how much of it is recycled.

Our supporting services include:

Floor Grinding

Structural Steel

Access Flooring

Concrete Cutting

Need help with a Commercial Strip Out project? 

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